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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  September 12, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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gutierrez. >> eliot: tomorrowthat's it for tonight from washington, d.c. have a wonderful evening. off [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: i'm jennifer granholm, tonight in the war room leadership and the lack thereforethereof. >> governor romney tends to have the tendency to shoot first and aim later. >> what you have is the political instincts of a rock. you know you have it wrong when even the conservatives are lined up against you. the man stays true to his roots but now he's revealing to the world that he's dangerous. forget a crisis at 3:00 a.m. i would not trust this guy with a phone call from a telemarketer. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ]
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>> jennifer: the fiery attacks in libya that killed the american ambassador and three diplomat there is were quickly followed by fiery political rhetoric here at home. ambassador j. christopher stevens and three other u.s. officials were killed last night. details about the attacks are still coming in, but here is the latest of what we do know. back in july an incendiary ridiculous movie about muslims was released reportedly by a guy named sam sam sam bacile. he claims to be an israeli. it's not clear who he is, whether he is an israeli and whether a guy named sam bacile exists. but it was so offensive that the grand musti of jackpot condemned
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it. and roughly 2,000 demonstrators assembleed around the u.s. embassy in cairo. the diplomatic workers inside that embassy saw this protest developing and they understandably were worried about their safety by this situation that was developing. they calmed them down saying, the embassy of the united states in kay row condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt religious feelings of muslims as we condemn hurt thosecondemn efforts to offend believers of all religious. later, no one was hurt and protesters eventually disbanded.
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as that situation in egypt was winding down, the situation in libya was getting worse. so ten hours after the statement was issued in cairo at about 4:00 in the afternoon then attackers in libya entered the american consulate in benghazi and started firing. three americans were trapped inside including ambassador stevens. if this were not enough of a crisis going on, back at home mitt romney decides to weigh in before it's even clear what is going on in libya. so at 10:30 last night romney issues a statement attacking the cairo embassy's statement earlier, when those guys were just trying to diffuse the situation on the ground. romney said in his statement last night, it's disgraceful that the obama administration's first response was not to condemn attacks on our top plow our
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diplomatic missions but to sympathize with those who wage attacks. at the point that the cairo embassy had issued their statements, there had been no attacks. a protest was gathering. but after romney issued that statement last night, it was confirmed that, in fact, the ambassador in libya was killed. now, all of this happened and romney is publicly criticized for jumping the gun on issuing his statement before he even knew what the heck was going on. so what does he do? he doubles down on the wrongful criticism of the president. >> romney: a terrible course for america to stand in apology for our values that instead when our grounds are being attacked and being breached that the first response to the united states must be outrage at breach of the sovereignty of our nation.
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>> jennifer: unbelievable. the president did, in fact, express outrage of the facts. romney did it before he had the facts. he said, quote he strongly condemned the attack. the president had choice words for mitt romney as well. >> obama: there is a broader lesson to be learned here. govern romney has a tendency to shoot first and aim later. as president one of the things i learned is you can't do that. >> jennifer: romney not only spoke much too soon, he also doesn't have a clear position on how the u.s. should handle libya over all. romney asked on his position on libya last april at an event held by sheldon adelson.
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he said, quote after his speech romney refused to take questions from reporters about his position on libya. instead, he and his wife, ann fled down a hallway and escaped up an escalator to avoid any answers questions about libya. after his saber rattling today even some republicans suggested that mitt romney was actually better off not saying anything at all especially after last night's events. here's conservative columnist peggy noonan on fox news. >> i don't feel that mr. romney has been doing himself any favors, say, in the past few hours perhaps since last night. sometimes when things happen, cool words or no words is the way to go. >> jennifer: honestly, he probably should have just run down the hall and escaped up an escalator. the kind of rhetoric he has put
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out in the middle of the crisis is not just inept, it is dangerous. now, romney does have some defenders. sarah palin, donald rumsfeld, well, as they say, you can certainly tell a lot about a person by the company that they keep. joining us now from washington, d.c. is lawrence korb. the senior fellow at the center for american progress, and he served as assistant secretary of defense from '81 to '85. thank you so much for being here. >> nice to be with you. >> jennifer: great, so why do you think that mitt romney went on the attack the way that he did? do you think it was getting flack for not being strong enough against president obama? >> well, i think there were two reasons. number one the republicans traditionalcally have had an advantage in foreign policy. they don't this time. one of his themes has been obama
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has always apologized. not true. the fact checkers say it's not true. but this fit into his narrative. when he heard it, he left into the breach without thinking, or as the president said, shooting before he aimed. >> jennifer: well,--this goes into a bigger issue with respect to the issue in in the middle east, and the president sold tell telemundo, he said they're not an ally. what do you think he met about that. >> mu barrack was an an alley. we did a lot of training in their country and we felt that the deal that jimmy carter
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brokered between sudat and the israelis. they had an election and they picked president morsi who is a member of the muslim brotherhood, and they have different views of world events than we do. it's a different nation that we'll have to get along with as we've dealt with independent nations over the years. the whole middle east is changing in the long run it will be better for them. but in the short run with these instability and different relationships, we'll have to adjust to it. >> jennifer: what do you think the impact of someone like mitt romney weighing in, condemning condemning--the statement by the egyptian embassy condemning prematurely, before he has all the facts what do you think that impact has on relationships in the middle east if any? >> well, i think it really hurts. if you go back and take a look
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at what former president bush said after the danish cartoon or when the soldier said that he was going to burn a qur'an in iraq, he said, i apologize for people being so insensitive. people criticize president bush for a lot of things, but when it came to the muslim world he didn't want to make them an enemy. mitt romney place into the narrative that we're out to undermine them and destroy their civilization. it's really in my view it's a sign of desperation. he knows that his campaign is not going the way he wants and he was sort of rolling the dice with this. >> jennifer: there is some suspicion, a lot of public speculation that this attack on libya and in egypt was not really a result of the film, but
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more a coordinateed attack to coincide with 9/11 by terrorist organizations. there are now 50 marines and two destroyers going to libya. what is going on? >> well, basically there is no doubt about the fact that there are groups in that part of the world who buy into the bin laden theirtive. this is the first 9/11 or the second one since bin laden has been killed, and they want to show that they're still viable. this horrible movie gave impetus to their narrative and god folks whofolks who normally would not be attracted to them riled up because of the prophet muhammad. what they said about the prophet muhammad is horrible. they accused him of every sin in
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the book. you can see why those who normally would not be attracted to the bin laden narrative would be upset about this. >> jennifer: do you know who made it. the actors say they were duped into being into it, and their voices were dubbed after the fact to say things that were horrendous. any intelligence about it? >> basically i saw that statement. it says we were taken to the cleaners. who is involved with this is the same pastor down in florida, if you remember he was the one who said he would like to burn qur'ans and general petraeus said you're going to kill americans with this, pastor jones. so he seemed to be involved in some form or another. >> jennifer: it is a crazy situation, and made all the more crazy because of a presidential candidate prematurely jumping in when it was not a good idea to
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do so. lawrence korb, stay where you are. after the break we'll come back to you and another ambassador. it's not what you can see coming down the road that turns a campaign on its head. really it's what you cannot see. we'll bring in former ambassador nicholas burns to bring us through global hot spots that could effect the campaign. and we'll play an electoral map with our map. you see my dream scenario, sorry kansas. i had to give them one. it's wednesday night (vo) this program is presented by american express. welcome to the possibilities of membership. welcome in. american express.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: in a moment like this in the middle of a presidential election it is fair to ask what mitt romney would do if he were president. how would he comfort and protect our nation while strengthen international alliances and maintaining our overseas objectives, and mitt romney tried to answer that question at a press conference today. >> romney: the attacks in libya and egypt underscore that the world remains a dangerous place and that american leadership is still sorely needed. in the face of this violence, america cannot shrink from the responsibility to lead.
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american leadership is necessary to ensure that events in the region don't spin out of control control. >> jennifer: i wonder what that even means. i mean, you can't just repeat the word lead, leader, leadership, and expect that to make you a leader. so what would romney do in this situation? i mean, i wonder i doubt if he even knows himself. if we'll consider him seriously for position of commander in chief we deserve to know. if he's not going to tell us, we'll exam what we do know. what we do know is this. of the 24 special visors on foreign policy to romney, 17 are bush-cheney alumni who bear responsibility for some of the most catastrophic national security decisions in the history of the nation. that's frank rich, and i quote. for a nation struggling to wrap up unpopular wars, and to care for our veterans and heal worldwide damage that those
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neo-cons have caused, the warning in those words would not be more clear. here to discuss libya and how foreign relations crises could impact the relations. we have lawrence korb and joining us from boston is former u.s. ambassador from n.a.t.o. nicholas burns. he's in washington, excuse me. thank you both, gentlemen for coming inside "the war room." let me start with this question. the secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld former secretary of defense, tweet today in defense of mitt romney. he tweeted the attacks on our embassies and diplomats is the result of perceived american weakness. mitt romney is right to point that out. ambassador burns what is your opinion of romney's decision to come out in the middle of this crisis in his campaign using the events in libya to attack the president on foreign policy.
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>> i was dismayed by governor romney's comments. he really should have waited until the dust settled. he should have waited until he got all the facts. to make one statement in the middle of the crisis when our embassy in cairo is being de besieged and the terrible events in bengahzi where americans were killed. it didn't make sense, governor romney could not possibly have enough information to make the serious charges that he made. he said that the obama administration and the president were in effect showing excessive sympathy to terrorist and apologies for them. i saw the statement today and they were tough statements and in no way shape or form seek the to show sympathy to terrorist groups nor would i expect they would.
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it has been a calamityous day for the romney campaign. and on a day we should have been honoring our diplomats who were killed, a black day in our history, he chose to politicize it, and i think that's really quite disappointing. >> jennifer: do you think it damages our credibility in the middle east to see this kind of politicalization in in the middle east. >> you know this obviously but when you live overseas for an extended period of time. did i. i was a diplomat, people pay attention to what the united states says and dozen. does. we're a major influence around the world. they are going to wonder why are we having a political argument when we have been attacked in
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cairo and then bengahzi. we lost a great young ambassador in chris stevens. we lost three great colleagues of his. one would hope in the midst of a political campaign that americans would rally around their government in the time of crisis. i was dismayed to see these statements by governor romney. >> jennifer: and libya is just one hot spot in the middle east, we have egypt. what of president obama's policy in the region over all and how a romney presidency would differ. on the topic, for example of iran's nuclear program and escalating tensions between iran and israel larry, maybe you can comment about the difference between them. >> the interesting thing is when governor romney said this is the result of obama's weakness, the fact of the matter is he's very strong. when history is written they'll
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find out that these people are upset that we got bin laden. we got al-qaeda's number two in the arabian peninsula. it's not a sign of weakness. it's a sign of strength. i do think i agree with the ambassador that this is is--president reagan in 1980 we had the failed attempt to rescue the hostages in iran. which you know, dozens of brave american service men were killed. reagan said this is a time for america to come together. he didn't criticize president carter. when the marines were killed in lebanon in 1983 the democrats did not use this as a campaign issue. i mean, the idea that some how we politicize this and i think he's barking up the wrong tree. president obama has been very, very, very strong and tough-minded when it comes to dealing with this. in fact, he's being criticized
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for his overuse of drones, for example, killing people without due process. so no, it's not a sign of weakness. if anything he has been very very strong. >> jennifer: i'm interested, though in how the other hot spots might impact or at least the difference between them in this. and i can't figure out what the difference is between what mitt romney's position is say on iran or on syria or on libya from what the president's position is. is there a big difference between them? >> i don't see it. excuse me, please, go ahead. >> yes i don't think think--rhetorically there might be, but most of them said that they won't let iran get a nuclear weapon, and president obama has said they will not try to contain them which many foreign policy realists want him to do. i think you'll find out after a campaign people get in, and they have to deal with the world as
9:24 pm
it is, not as they said in the campaign, and i think there is not going to be that much difference. we're not going to send ground forces into syria, for example. and the idea that we would attack iran before he we get everything in order andest haas and exhaust other remedies, i don't think that would happen. >> jennifer: is there much difference? >> i was an iran negotiating in the george w. bush administration and a career diplomat. there has been a high degree ofber gas station between the bush second term and president obama. there is a rough agreement in our country that we want to stop iran from becoming a nuclear pow, but we've got sanctions and and
9:25 pm
diplomacy, and i don't think we want to go to war. in foreign policy we tend to have bipartisanship except during presidential campaign when the campaign is trying to create differences that really don't exist. >> jennifer: all right, i have so much to act and unfortunately we have out of time. i appreciate you both coming inside "the war room"." lawrence korb and ambassador nicholas burns. thank you. up next, this latest flare-up in the middle east comes when congress is haggling over the budget. we'll get into that. we'll be right back. >>i feel like i don't even know you. >>just stay on your side of the screen, okay? >>brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save 15% or more on car insurance. visit for a free rate quote.
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states to withdraw. >> it would really dishonor the service of chris stevens and the three other americans who served in libya if their murders forced us to stop supporting the new libya government. >> jennifer: those were senators joe lieberman and john mccain urging to maintain the american presence in libya and egypt. as it stands the u.s. gives $4.1 million to libya but house republicans are urging today's events to push for cutting that funding. they want to take it out of the federal funding bill, which is going to keep the country from falling off the so-called fiscal cliff. at a heritage foundation event tea party freshman jess landries
9:29 pm
said, it would show a tremendous amount of leadership if the president were to come back and demand the amount of money that was given to libya and egypt be stripped out. remember the regimes in place in those two countries came out of his policy. he built that. so you couldn't help but springing that zinger during a fiscal crisis. go on. the house votes tomorrow which would extend funding through march and prevent a shutdown before the election. coming from us from those policy shocked waves is reporter and political punish can't joe williams. welcome inside back "the war room." >> good to be here, governor. >> jennifer: good to have you back. do you think the house republicans will get their way cutting foreign aid, and can you call for more defense spending
9:30 pm
and less foreign aid at the same time? >> that's a big question. and that's one they're going have to answer. defense spending and diplomat i can spending that we have in libya and egypt are basically minuscule parts of the federal budget. number two they're inextricably linked to defense policy. you can't go in with a big stick and expect people to throw rose petals to your feet without diplomatic engagement. the statements they're making regarding this, i don't think it will go very far. >> jennifer: so do you think that cutting aid to libya and egypt becomes some new political talking point for the election. would it work for voters? >> i don't think so, mainly because it's such a small part of the budget, and you have people who are fairly on obscure in the republican-led house talking
9:31 pm
about this. romney is not talking about this and after today he probably should not talk much about libya but it shows lack of understanding of how diplomacy works and how our influence is spread throughout the region. what happened yesterday in bengahzi was not a function of the libyan government itself, but when a small faction manages to infiltrate itself and have heavy weapons at its disposal and do what it wants to the embassy. >> jennifer: as we know the libyan government did come out and condemn those attacks. let me switch you slightly, related to defense spending and all of the budget, let's take a listen to representative boehner's prediction for avoiding the fiscal cliff. to remind our viewers the fiscal cliff is when the bush-era tax cuts expire and
9:32 pm
massive cuts in january. take a listen. >> listen, the house has done its job on both the sequester and the looming tax hikes that will cost our economy some 700,000 jobs. the senate at some point has to act. on both of these where is the president? where is the leadership? absent without leave. >> jennifer: whatever. moody's issued a stern warning that the u.s. could be downgraded if congress does not reach a deal. what is it going to take to get a deal? >> it's going to take the 11th hour. we've seen this movie before where congress always delays its home work until the last minute. we know this is coming every year. it's almost like christmas where we have some kind of fiscal dire consequences that congress is facing unless they do something. in this case boehner is being a bit specious in his criticism of
9:33 pm
the senate and the president. the house republicans did not want to go along with this deal in the first place. boehner had to corral many of them and basically twist their arms because you have a lot of tea party freshman republicans who wanted nothing to do with any spending plan that president obama was in favor off. on the contrary you have a senate who put forward a very responsible budget bill which went nowhere in the house. the president is the president but he's not head of the tea party caucus. he is not the guy in control of the senate where boehner holds sway. to criticize the president on this issue gets away from the issue. that's the fact that boehner has a coalition in his government that he really can't control. >> jennifer: very quickly, i want to get your prediction. first, romney wins the white house and everything else stays the same, do they get a deal on the fiscal cliff on lame duck. >> i think they do mainly because president obama will have leverage--
9:34 pm
>> jennifer: my first scenario was that romney wins. >> peg your pardon. i was thinking the unthinkable. it looks like a long shot given what romney did? >> jennifer: yes. >> if romney is elected president, there is incentive although they may walk it back to get romney a chance to get on the budget. >> jennifer: and if the status quo stays the same, and president obama wins. >> their position would be repudiated by the voters, they don't want to get blamed for driving the economy off the fiscal cliff. >> jennifer: i totally agree with you on that. that is joe williams, prognosticateor extraordinaire. we'll see if your prognostications end up being true. up next, we'll go through
9:35 pm
election scenarios with duf sundheim and christine pelosi. i think duf will need a stiff drdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdr
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> the president stepped up to the ball and refused to cede the automobile industry to germany or japan korea or anywhere else in the world. [applause] that's why. that's why today here in the state of ohio there are 115,000 decent-paying auto jobs in ohio that you can raise a family on. [applause] >> jennifer: yeah, that's vice president joe biden on the campaign front in today done dayton, ohio,
9:39 pm
with a message tailored for michigan and ohio. biden's counterpart paul ryan, spent the day in ohio and wisconsin. we've got biden over here. we have ryan over there. we got president obama in las vegas over here in a bid for nevada's elect elect forral votes and two new polls out today caught our eye. out of michigan, an epic nra poll in our great state of michigan likely voters shows president obama leading 47% to 37 37 it m es meese wonder i romney is regretting letting automobile industry go bankrupt. and president obama is 48% over
9:40 pm
43 nationwide. here with us to break down the campaign front are two of our favorite political insiders christine pelosi chairs the democratic california women's caucus. and duf sundheim. welcome to you both. great to see you, as well. duf, i want to start with you. >> sure. >> jennifer: i'm interested in the electoral map. this is the board with the numbers. obama 237 and with these swing states going one way. tell me what romney's path is to get that 191 to reach 270? >> first of all the path is longer for romney than obama. obama is ahead in terms of the electoral college. the first to win is north carolina. >> jennifer: i'll tap that and make it go red.
9:41 pm
>> then the second would be florida. >> jennifer: all right. >> wisconsin and iowa corridor with the ryan impact. that's where i think he's strongest. >> jennifer: you're picking wisconsin because of ryan. >> and iowa. i think the numbers in wisconsin are closing. they're moving to the right direction and they continue to move. i think he has a better chance in colorado and nevada than ohio. first of all, virginia is another chance where it can go either way. >> jennifer: if he gets virginia. >> then he's close. then he has to win either one of those two then he wins. >> jennifer: that's a tall order, man. >> that's how i start it. that is a tall order. in ohio, they have to come back in ohio. >> jennifer: christine, of course we said last night if he losses florida romney has to run the tables. >> pretty much has the run the table. which is why it's unfortunate for him that he made all of his mistakes about libya today in the state of florida where
9:42 pm
everybody could see that. >> jennifer: we're going to talk about libya in just one second. i want to you live to a commercial that he has--that obama is starting to run in swing states. take a listen. >> mitt romney, he won't reveal what is in his taxes and he won't tell you what he would do to yours. to pay for huge new tax breaks for millionaires like him romney would have to raise taxes on the middle middle class. >> jennifer: so this issue, and i'm going to ask you christine of not revealing again this whole mystery candidate, not revealing tax returns not telling you his plans is this a theme that will run through the rest of the pain--campaign. >> we have been saying on the show, campaigns are to be defined or redefined. bill clinton made it clear if you run the numbers millionaires get a tax break and you and i tax increase. that's not fair. until he runs the numbers and
9:43 pm
gets specific our numbers will win the day and we'll get the election. >> it's not fair that you're running the statements. it's ridiculous. you're saying he's going to do this raise taxes where are you getting these numbers. >> we're getting them from a nonpartisan institute. they give and they take away. right now they're giving and taking away. >> jennifer: i'm interested particularly in your reaction with what did go on today and how that will impact the election. is that a game changer that he put his foot into the middle of something before it was even over, before he knew what was going on. >> what is really interesting the obama administration disowned the statement told them not to release the statement in egypt. then romney agrees with the white house, that that statement should not be released, and then there is a furor.
9:44 pm
that's the truth. >> jennifer: our ambassador in libya was killed. after he was killed you would think that romney would take a step back and instead of blaming obama with issues, something more solemn statement that had him looking presidential. he didn't. rather than fighting over a statement that people made-- >> which was a failed statement. >> excuse me, have you ever been under siege? i'll give the embassy personnel trying to save their own lives the benefit of the house. >> even when the white house said that was the wrong thing to do. >> jennifer: i want to argue with you guys all night but we have to go. >> this is not going to work. duf, if this is the best you can do for romney. >> jennifer: we have to give him a break. give him points for coming in any way. up next, my gut tells me that obama-care might become the piece of legislation that--watch it--hang their hat on for the
9:45 pm
next 50 years. the new numbers are starting to bear that out. that is next, and we'll be right back. go.
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>> jennifer: releasing the annual income poverty and healthcare report, and guess what the affordable care act happens to be working. there are now more than 260 million people who are insured in the united states. that's about 5 million more than in 2010. great news. for the first time in four years the number of people with health insurance actually increased. that's partly due to the law enabling young adults to stay on their parents' insurance until they're 26. today, an extra 540,000 young adults are insured because of that provision. but will that convince people in swing states like colorado that
9:49 pm
obama-care was, in fact, a good idea. here with me to discuss that swing state is david sirota. he co-hosts the "run down," a radio talk show in denver. glad to have you back inside "the war room." >> thanks for having me. >> jennifer: you bet. pleasure' onyou're on this radio show, you're listening to people, have you heard people talk about obama-care kids staying on their parents insurance. >> it's a huge problem. it's a national problem on the local level. people are not all that psyched by the care of obama-care and president obama's healthcare bill is not necessarily popular. but the tenants of the bill are quite popular. when you go one level down with folks out here, my callers to my
9:50 pm
show, for instance well, do you support the ban on discrimination because of pre-existing condition? do you support allowing older children to stay on their parents' insurance. the answer is overwhelmingly yes. then the question do you support the president's healthcare bill? then they say no. >> jennifer: i attach the word obama and then people go the other direction. the report today showed--this is the census report that shows poverty rate remains at 15%. that is unchanged from the previous year. is income inequality resonating at all in colorado? >> absolutely. now look i'm a right-leaning radio station so i get conservative callers. but even among conservative callers, rank and file conservatives, the question of how unequal we are is a big question. people will say, well, i'm not necessarily i support what the democrats want to do. i'm not necessarily i support
9:51 pm
what the republicans want to do. but i don't like the idea that someone like mitt romney is paying a lower effective tax rate than i am. that's what resonates. that's the real-world application of that. >> jennifer: so you're listening to all these folks in colorado. i'm so fascinated by talk show anyway, and you're on a right-leaning one, what was your audience thinking regarding the ongoing news out of libya and egypt today and mitt romney stepping in it? >> i think there is a lot of confusion out there. i think people realize the middle east is a difficult place, and you hear the obama administration backed the arab spring, and we don't know what the elements are in the arab spring. then you hear people who don't necessarily think that it's a choice between the arab spring and unfortunately arab dictators. there is not necessarily all that many perfect choice there is. now, i would say and i said it today on my show, look, i would
9:52 pm
rather have democratically led leaders in the middle east than the united states standing with dictators. when we stand with dictators then people under the dictatorship really don't like it. >> jennifer: did you get a sense at all today that your listeners found that mitt romney, though, was in error? >> i think people had questions about why--that implication that the president sympathizes with those who caused americans and the american embassy great harm. i think that was where the idea really i think crossed a line. i think people--you know, they want the presidential candidates to seem for lack of a better term presidential. mitt romney did not seem presidential today. >> jennifer: right so now the presidential race is affected by media. you obviously have your fingers in a number of media platforms. you have a super interesting
9:53 pm
article in harpers. how did the quote newly minted newspaper monopolyist as you describe them play in the political process. >> today in the denver post which i call citizen kane had an editorial how rahm emmanuel in chicago should break the backs of the chicago teachers strike. this i think goes to why president obama hasn't taken a position on the teacher's union strike. he knows that in a swing state like colorado that can be decided by a few thousand votes if he came out in support of the union, i wish he did but he's nervous he may be the target of a front page editorial in the state's biggest newspaper and the state's biggest newspaper is so now so important because of the monopoly status that it has that it could seriously
9:54 pm
undermine his chances of winning the swing state. i'm not saying that he shouldn't take a position on the teacher's strike but newspapers can use their power in a swing state to effect positions by politicians on major issues. >> jennifer: it's such a fascinateing article. that's david sirota, author of "back to our future," another great read. up next, brett erlich catches up with paul ryan on the campaign trail. or one of the campaign trails any way. >> coming up, i'll have
9:55 pm
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[ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: since the start of the germ election, my advice to the romney-ryan ticket has been simple. don't quit your day jobs, gentlemen. and as brett erlich tells us, at least one-half of the team has taken the advice to heart. so shh brett's talking now. >> so paul ryan is running for vice president, but if you live in wisconsin's first district you may have seen an ad for another office. >> this is our chance to restore real faith and real opportunity in america. i'm paul ryan, and i approve this message. >> yes, that's right. ryan is still running for congress in wisconsin. even though if he wins the vice presidency he's off to
9:57 pm
washington. in that mind don't the good people of wisconsin deserve a honest straightforward campaign ad like this one. >> i'm paul ryan, from wisconsin, the land of cheese and i don't know cows that make cheese. it's a beautiful place. but it's a place that i'm too good for. that's why i'm running for vice president. but you know how these things are, i could lose, so i was hoping in case this v.p. thing does not work out, wisconsin, i would be honored if you would be my plan-b. no not that kind of plan-b. that's murder. would you be my hood rats, my 12:00 a.m. booty call. why? because i would give you specifics, but quite frankly mitt romney just won't let me. paul ryan for v.p. and for congress. yes, i'm trying to end voter fraud, but come on, vote for me twice.
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